Housing Merging resident needs with the goals of a developer.

Now, more than ever, residential developers and builders must serve a greater variety of households and housing needs. The housing industry is on the brink of a design revolution thanks to the advancement of technology, a shift in the marketplace, and the priorities residents now seek in their neighborhoods and homes. Neighborhood planning on a comprehensive level can help residents and business owners identify their community’s priorities, plan for the long term, and ensure the consistency of their community’s goals with those of the surrounding community. We work with clients and municipalities to update planning ordinances to create designs that meet current housing demands.

Careful planning, insight, and vision are necessary to address the challenge of building true multi-family communities, rather than just a collection of apartment buildings. The right plan can promote social interaction while efficiently maximizing the developable area of a property. We understand how to optimally plan multi-family communities to include recreational features, green spaces, and efficient circulation systems while meeting the developer’s financial goals.

Planners of single-family home neighborhoods need the knowledge and ability to create a setting that appeals to targeted homeowners. We work closely with clients to understand their goals, deliver optimal plans, and gain agency approvals efficiently – all essential components for success in this competitive housing market.

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