Stadium Row

Stadium Row City of Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

New Multi-family Urban Living at Stadium Row
Stadium Row, Lancaster City’s first new, market-rate apartment construction in nearly 50 years, exemplifies contemporary design with urban convenience. Its 104 multi-family units are located within proximity to the Lancaster Amtrak Station, Clipper Magazine Stadium, and other urban amenities. Stadium Row’s young, pioneering developer is addressing a present housing shortage and meeting established goals of Lancaster City’s long-term economic development plan, Building on Strength.

Response to Needed Housing with Multi-Modal Transportation Access
Providing adequate parking facilities while maximizing residential density is always a key challenge with urban infill projects that include new structures. The RGS team maximized the rentable building area, while still providing residents the ability to store their vehicles on-site. They also included electric car charging stations and indoor and outdoor bike storage areas to serve residents and their guests.

Access to public transportation was also a focus for the RGS team. With a new streetscape, Stadium Row provides connectivity to the nearby Lancaster Amtrak Station and other key destinations.

Successful Navigation of Complex Approval Processes
The RGS team successfully navigated complex approval processes with multiple agencies and the adjoining property owner, all while meeting the client’s objectives. After Lancaster’s Zoning Hearing Board granted a Special Exception required for multi-family units within this site’s Mixed-Use zoning district, the City’s Planning Commission approved subdivision of the present Stadium Row site from an adjoining property.

Permit approval was required from PennDot for a necessary water line connection. The project’s sewer lateral connection also required approvals from the adjoining property owner, the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority, and City staff.


places2040 Planning Awards – Achievement Award for Growing Responsibly