Paoli Road Improvement Feasibility Study Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, PA

A Community-Driven Feasibility Study
Our firm was part of a team commissioned by Tredyffrin Township to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study for road improvements in the heart of Paoli. The study aimed to engage the community and stakeholders in shaping a shared vision for the future of their town center.

Framing the Study
The feasibility study was framed by two significant projects: the development of the new Intermodal Transportation Center and the redevelopment of the Amtrak Rail Yard property. These projects provided the context for exploring transportation improvement options that would support a more walkable and connected community.

Engaging the Community
To ensure that the study reflected the community’s aspirations, our team employed a range of public engagement techniques. We facilitated stakeholder meetings, created a dedicated project website, conducted community surveys, and hosted open house events and public meetings. An online visual preference survey allowed participants to provide feedback on design options.

Multimodal Transportation Solutions
Our team developed conceptual transportation improvement options that prioritized the needs of all users, including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders. The goal was to create a balanced transportation network that would enhance accessibility, safety, and connectivity within the town center.

The Paoli Road Improvement Feasibility Study exemplifies the power of community engagement in shaping the future of a town center. By actively involving stakeholders and residents, Tredyffrin Township laid the groundwork for a more vibrant, walkable, and connected Paoli. The study’s recommendations will guide the implementation of transportation improvements that align with the community’s vision and support the ongoing redevelopment efforts in the area.