Paoli Pike Trail Feasibility Study and Master Plan East Goshen Township, Chester County, PA

Enhancing Connectivity and Safety in East Goshen Township
East Goshen Township’s vision of creating a convenient, continuous, and safe trail along Paoli Pike was brought to life through the Paoli Pike Trail Feasibility Study and Master Plan. As part of a team led by Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd., our firm worked diligently to develop a comprehensive plan that addressed the township’s goals and provided a roadmap for implementation.

Comprehensive Design Guidelines and Conceptual Alignment
Our firm conducted thorough research and analysis to develop design guidelines and a conceptual trail alignment prioritizing safety, accessibility, and connectivity. The 2.7-mile multi-use trail corridor adjacent to Paoli Pike will offer residents and visitors a secure environment for walking and biking while connecting to neighboring municipalities and regional trails.

Engaging Stakeholders and the Community
Throughout the planning process, our team actively engaged with the community, stakeholders, and property owners to gather valuable input and ensure that the trail design meets the needs and expectations of East Goshen Township residents. We also collaborated closely with PennDOT and the Chester County Planning Commission to ensure technical feasibility and compliance with regional standards.

Award-Winning Project
The Paoli Pike Trail Feasibility Study and Master Plan were recognized with the Transportation Management Association of Chester County Community Award, which highlighted the project’s significant contribution to enhancing transportation options and promoting sustainable mobility in the region.

Our firm is committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for communities. This feasibility study and master plan exemplifies our dedication to creating safe, accessible, and connected spaces that encourage active transportation and foster a sense of community.