Engineers Week

It’s Engineers Week! Meet Kyle.

Engineers Week

It’s Engineers Week! A time where we can celebrate the role of engineers and specifically, the engineers at RGS who make our client’s ideas a reality. As a 2019 intern at RGS, Kyle joined us as a full-time engineer soon after earning his degree in 2021 from Villanova University. We are thrilled Kyle decided to join RGS and contribute his skills and talents to our clients projects!

Why did you go into Civil Engineering?
I went into Civil Engineering because I love putting math and science to use. The world of engineering is one that provides continually shifting challenges and goals that can be creatively and intelligently met. At the end of it all, we get to see our solutions constructed and functioning.

What’s something you feel is constantly evolving or changing – something you always need to be up to date on?
I always need to be aware of standards and regulations in each municipality. What is commonplace or acceptable in one may not be so in a neighboring area.

What is something you didn’t expect to use that you now use?

I didn’t expect to do very much sanitary sewer and water systems design, but our clients need these systems to function just as well and be as resilient as stormwater management systems!

What’s your passion – what drives you?
I am passionate about shifting the focus from traditional infrastructure to more sustainable solutions. As our developments get larger, our availability of ideal land diminishes, and our storms get stronger and more frequent, we have to adapt and have the foresight to design resilient stormwater solutions to manage our changing world for decades and decades to come.

What makes you proud to work at RGS?
RGS fosters collaboration between landscape architects and engineers, which helps us give our clients sites that are aesthetically pleasing, serve an environmental purpose, are safe, and adhere to applicable regulations.