Engineers Week

It’s Engineers Week! Meet Ryan.

Engineers Week

Why did you go into Civil Engineering?
Being able to utilize math skills and creative thinking in the same field helped guide me to Civil Engineering.

What difference or value makes you proud that you contribute to your client/projects every day?
Being goal-oriented, to be able to take the steps (sometimes many) to ultimately achieve the client/project goal(s).

What’s something you feel is constantly evolving or changing – something you always need to be up to date on?
Stormwater design requirements, on all agency levels, is an obvious answer. I would also say the market is constantly evolving, especially in today’s world, as this plays a role in our client’s overall project scope.

What is your standout skill set?
I’d say “trouble-shooting”, what I would consider a combination of good communication and problem solving.

What is something you didn’t expect to use that you now use?
I did not expect to use common forums (i.e. excel and word) in everyday work.

What’s your passion – what drives you?
My passion is simply problem-solving and seeing ideas go from paper to implemented and utilized in real life.

What advice would you give someone pursuing their degree or who is in their first few years in the workforce?
Take in as much information and seek guidance from your peers/colleagues when you can. Communicate your ideas/thoughts to those same peers so you can gain additional perspective and develop your design processing skills.

What makes you proud working at RGS?
Being in an environment and working with people that you consider family, all while working together to achieve similar goals and growing as a Team.

What is the biggest mistake/lesson learned – what did you learn from it?
A general mistake was not speaking up about questions regarding a design or the “why” behind the design. Lesson learned would be that communicating and asking questions would help me grow as a professional.