Welcome to the New RGSAssociates.com

Unveiling the Latest RGS Project: RGSAssociates.com

Welcome to the New RGSAssociates.com


Welcome to the new, beautifully redesigned RGSAssociates.com.

From the moment you begin clicking through our new website, you’ll instantly recognize who we are as a company, as landscape architects and civil engineers, and as people who believe in the power of beautiful places. Naturally, our website had to embody the very same attributes that make RGS what it is.

What we really hope you’ll notice, though, is that our new website isn’t about us. And that’s our favorite part.

It’s about the people we’ve worked with and the places we’ve helped create. As you scroll through the pages of the new RGSAssociates.com, you’ll see many of the beautifully designed places our clients have trusted us to create over the past several decades. As with all our projects, our newly redesigned website showcases the unique impact that places can have on our lives, our businesses, and our communities.

Design Matters

In every step of the design, engineering, and construction process, design matters. From the very beginning of a land feasibility study to the end of post-construction, every aspect of our process is thoughtfully designed, including the team who sees the project through.

Our new website is no exception. Its design matters to us because it makes a difference for our clients and partners. The site is designed to make navigation easy so you can quickly learn about our company, our capabilities, and how we can best work together.

Get to Know RGS

Under the Services section of the website, you’ll see a simple breakdown of what we do and how we do it. This includes a detailed outline of capabilities that make up our three primary service areas: Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Civil Engineering.

You’ll see testimonials scattered throughout the pages from clients we’ve built strong relationships with over the years. You’ll also meet Our People, see examples of Our Work, and discover our business Culture.

Our new site is a wonderful way to learn more about our team and our business. But we also believe that nothing replaces a proper introduction. Our Contact Us page is there to point you directly to each of our offices in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg. We’re ready to talk when you are.

Developing the Future of RGS

A prominent section of the new RGSAssociates.com is our Careers page. Developing our team into future leaders is a core part of the RGS philosophy. We’re not just here to design places, we’re here to serve our people and help them excel personally and professionally.

On the careers page you’ll find current openings, position details, and instructions for how to apply. Our project teams are always looking for interns, as well. Interested students can visit the careers page to learn how to apply to take part in our internship program.

Prospective team members can also learn about our core values, read about our collective method and team-based approach to achieving ambitious outcomes, and see how their contribution to RGS would support the future growth of the company while helping them reach their professional and personal goals.

We welcome you to take a scroll through the new RGSAssociates.com. As always, we’re here to support your upcoming projects with creative, practical site planning, landscape design, and site engineering solutions. Contact us to learn more and connect with our team.