West Chester Pike Transportation and Land Use Plan Upper Darby Township, Delaware County, PA

Transforming the West Chester Pike Corridor
The West Chester Pike Transportation and Land Use Plan aimed to revitalize a busy corridor in Upper Darby Township, Delaware County, PA. Our firm’s role in the project focused on streetscape planning and design to improve the corridor’s functionality, aesthetics, and overall user experience.

Comprehensive Site Analysis and Goal Setting
Our team began by conducting a thorough site analysis to understand the corridor’s existing conditions, challenges, and opportunities. We collaborated closely with stakeholders to establish Key Corridor Needs and Goals, ensuring that the project aligned with the community’s vision and aspirations.

Designing Complete Streets with Bicycle Accommodations
As part of the design process, we actively participated in the development of street solutions that prioritized safety, accessibility, and multi-modal transportation. We placed a significant emphasis on incorporating bicycle accommodations to encourage sustainable and active transportation options along the corridor.

Engaging the Community through Visualizations and Guidelines
To facilitate community engagement and understanding, our team prepared detailed before-and-after design renderings showcasing proposed fa├žade and streetscape improvements. These visualizations allowed stakeholders to envision the potential transformation of the corridor. Additionally, we developed design guidelines to ensure consistent implementation of the proposed enhancements.

Facilitating Stakeholder Collaboration
Throughout the project, our firm assisted in facilitating community open houses and stakeholder meetings, facilitating open dialogue and gathering valuable input. This TCID-funded project relied on effective communication and collaboration among all parties involved to ensure its success.

Our firm’s expertise in streetscape planning, site analysis, complete street design, and community engagement was instrumental in shaping the West Chester Pike Transportation and Land Use Plan. By creating a vibrant, accessible, and visually appealing corridor, we aim to enhance the quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses in Upper Darby Township.