Warwick Woodlands Community Expansion

Warwick Woodlands Warwick Township, Lancaster County, PA

A Master Plan for the Warwick Woodlands Community in Lititz
It has been the pleasure of the RGS team to work with Moravian Manor for more than two decades on a vast array of projects. During that time, RGS has worked with Moravian on multiple projects to update its original campus as well as projects at Hendricks Place independent living cottages and Warwick Woodlands.

Most recently, Moravian Manor engaged RGS to master plan Warwick Woodlands, a 72-acre property, as a Traditional Neighborhood Development just steps away from bustling downtown Lititz.

Warwick Woodlands Community is Now a Vibrant Traditional Neighborhood Development
Today, the Warwick Woodlands Community features a mix of 172 independent living cottages, 202 independent living apartments, 20 assisted living beds, 62 age-restricted affordable living apartments, and 23,000 SF of commercial space.

The community also features a variety of outdoor spaces from small pocket parks, large plazas, and central greens defined by a variety of architectural and landscape elements. The tree-lined streets welcome motorists and pedestrians alike. The sidewalk network leads residents to the homes and outdoor gathering spaces in the community and throughout the surrounding Lititz Borough’s pedestrian corridors; all creative design elements developed by RGS to fit the needs of the project and its residents.

Engaging Residents to the Existing Townscape
Warwick Woodlands is an extension of Lititz Borough thanks to the pedestrian circulation patterns the RGS team designed to provide connections to downtown and integrate green, open spaces. These spaces range from formal gardens to central greens with pavilions to pocket parks throughout the community.

Maximizing Developable Land Potential
Apartment residents have access to under-building parking and a rooftop amenity. RGS developed the under-building parking strategy by mixing subsurface and surface parking to create more opportunities to incorporate outdoor spaces and maximize the site’s developable potential for residential homes and commercial space.


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