Villanova Residence Villanova, Montgomery County, PA

Elegant Design in a Mature Neighborhood
A master landscape plan was crafted by the design team for a newly constructed residence set within a mature neighborhood of Villanova, Pennsylvania. Prioritizing the homeowner’s need for privacy, the design approach to this Villanova residence involved strategic landscaping to create a secluded, tranquil home environment.

Privacy through Strategic Landscaping
Since privacy was paramount for this project, we designed a dense, all-season landscape buffer that would ensure seclusion. We also recommended the buffer be strategically installed before the commencement of construction to allow the vegetation to establish and mature and ultimately provide the residence with immediate privacy upon completion.

Formal Front Yard with Functional Elegance
The residence’s front yard was designed with a formal aesthetic that complements the architecture as well as the neighborhood’s character. A horseshoe-shaped driveway leads to a well-appointed parking court, providing ample space for vehicles while maintaining the elegance of the design. This arrangement not only enhances the property’s curb appeal but also offers practical functionality for everyday use and special occasions.

Luxurious Rear Yard Amenities
Transitioning to the rear of the home, the landscape design focuses on leisure and entertainment. The backyard is a haven for relaxation, featuring a spa and a swimming pool area that serves as the centerpiece of outdoor activity. A pool house next to the pool offers convenient storage solutions and includes an outdoor shower, enriching the overall pool area experience. This space is designed to accommodate family activities and social gatherings, making it a perfect blend of utility and luxury.

This project showcases our team’s ability to merge practical solutions with aesthetic considerations, creating a private and luxurious residence that remains sensitive to the existing neighborhood fabric.