Our Lady of Knock Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

A Sacred Space for Reflection and Community
Our landscape architecture team was honored to design and build the serene Our Lady of Knock Garden at The Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia. This new contemplative space offers visitors a tranquil setting for prayerful reflection, small gatherings, and community events, enhancing the shrine’s mission of providing a sacred place for spiritual enrichment.

Meandering Rosary Walk
The rosary walk is central to the garden’s design, a winding path that encircles the space and connects the existing statuary. Granite stone beads and intricate Celtic paving motifs are integrated into the walkway, paying homage to the Irish roots of the Our Lady of Knock apparition. The walk encourages visitors to engage in the meditative practice of praying the rosary while strolling through the beautifully landscaped garden.

Welcoming Central Gathering Area
At the heart of the garden, a central node was thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable seating area for small groups to gather, converse, and reflect. This inviting space promotes a sense of community and fellowship among visitors, allowing them to share their spiritual journeys and experiences.

Stunning Grotto Shrine
The garden’s main feature is the awe-inspiring grotto shrine, designed by Archer and Buchanan Architects. It houses a reverent statue of Our Lady of Knock set against a captivating mosaic backdrop, creating a visually stunning focal point that encourages visitors to build a deeper connection to their faith. The grotto is a powerful reminder of the miraculous apparition and its enduring message of hope and faith.

Year-Round Natural Beauty
To ensure that the garden remains a captivating oasis throughout the seasons, our team carefully selected a diverse array of colorful perennials and shrubs. These plantings provide a continuously evolving tapestry of textures, hues, and fragrances, inviting visitors to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation year-round.

Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and expert installation oversight, our firm has created a transformative outdoor sanctuary that will inspire and uplift visitors for generations.