QVC Studio Park Gateway West Chester Township, Chester County, PA

Enhancing the Arrival Experience
Our firm was entrusted with providing landscape design services for the new gateway project at the QVC Studio Park headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The primary goal was to create a welcoming and visually striking entrance that would leave a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.

Complementing the New Gatehouse
The project revolved around the construction of a new wood and steel gatehouse, which served as the centerpiece of the gateway. Our team developed comprehensive landscape and lighting construction documentation to complement the gatehouse’s architectural design and enhance the overall arrival experience.

Creating a Visually Engaging Entrance
To create a visually engaging entrance, our landscape architects carefully selected diverse buffer plantings along the entry drive. Reclaimed boulders were strategically placed to retain the existing slope and protect the mature trees, adding a natural and rustic element to the landscape.

A focal point of the gateway is the custom terraced Cor-ten steel planter situated at the new guardhouse. Our team filled this planter with a vibrant array of colorful and attractive plants, creating a stunning visual display that immediately captures the attention of visitors as they approach the entrance.

Illuminating the Gateway Experience
To further elevate the arrival experience, our firm designed a landscape uplighting scheme along the entrance drive. Carefully placed lighting highlights the trees and boulders, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere as guests make their way through the gateway, particularly during the evening hours.

The QVC Studio Park Gateway project exemplifies our firm’s commitment to crafting memorable and visually striking entrance experiences. By seamlessly integrating landscape design, landscape architectural elements, and strategic lighting, we have created a gateway that sets the tone for the world-class facility that lies beyond.