Lankenau Medical Center Heart Pavilion Wynnewood, Montgomery County, PA

Transforming Healthcare Landscapes
Main Line Health engaged our firm to provide land planning and landscape architecture services for a significant expansion of Lankenau Medical Center. The Lankenau Medical Center Heart Pavilion project encompassed the construction of a 274,000 SF patient building and a 1,300-space structured parking facility, presenting an opportunity to improve the campus and enhance the overall patient, visitor, and staff experience.

Creating a Welcoming and Intuitive Environment
Our team focused on creating designated arrival sequences and unified site furnishings to provide a sense of familiarity and ease of navigation for patients and visitors. By carefully designing the landscape, we aimed to alleviate the stress often associated with hospital visits and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Integrating Healing Landscapes and Sustainable Features
Throughout the design process, our firm prioritized the incorporation of features that promote healing and well-being. We introduced defined streetscapes and pedestrian walkways, inviting outdoor gathering and waiting areas, and serene water elements. The inclusion of healing gardens provides spaces for reflection and respite, while green roofs and a rain garden contribute to the project’s sustainability goals and improved environmental performance.

Achieving LEED NC Silver Certification
The Lankenau Medical Center Heart Pavilion project showcases our firm’s commitment to sustainable design practices. By carefully considering the environmental impact of the landscape and incorporating features such as green roofs and a rain garden, we contributed to the project’s successful achievement of LEED NC Silver Certification.

Our firm’s expertise in land planning and landscape architecture was instrumental in transforming the Lankenau Medical Center campus into a welcoming, healing, and sustainable environment. By prioritizing the needs of patients, visitors, and hospital staff, we have created a landscape that complements the state-of-the-art medical facilities and enhances the overall healthcare experience.