North Creek Nurseries

North Creek Nurseries East Nottingham Township, Chester County, PA

A Growing Horticultural Business
North Creek Nurseries is a recognized leader in the development of sustainable horticultural systems. Prior to its recent expansion, low-tunnel hoop houses sheltered mostly native plants used by wholesale customers in riparian restorations, stormwater management facilities, and landscape beautification projects.

The nursery needed a new greenhouse to replace its outdoor production facilities while improving the overall efficiency of its rapidly growing agricultural business. RGS worked with North Creek Nurseries to help meet these goals by designing site circulation improvements, planning for stormwater management facilities, protecting on-site wetlands, and securing opportunities for future expansion and the construction of additional greenhouses within the project’s permitting process.

Overcoming Steep Grades to Accommodate the Expansion
With 30 feet of topographical change, this steeply sloped site presented a major elevation challenge to the construction of two greenhouses and adjoining loading and access areas, all covering a combined area of nearly seven acres.

Located between these greenhouses and the Riparian Corridor Conservation District, the nursery’s new stormwater management facilities consist of vegetated swales and bio-retention facilities that meet all local and state regulatory requirements. In addition to peak stormwater rate and volume mitigation, water quality initiatives and demonstration planting areas are now available for on-site viewing by North Creek customers.

An Increase in Plant Production
With the general public’s growing interest in native plants, the plants and shrubs grown by North Creek Nurseries are in high demand. RGS’ planning efforts helped North Creek Nurseries dramatically increase its plant production to meet this need and continue to grow and expand its business.