Sheetz Counties of Berks, Lancaster, Adams, Dauphin, and Chester

Designing a Consistent Customer Experience
Sheetz is a regional convenience store and gas station operator with locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia. RGS’ work with Sheetz spans more than 12 projects within Pennsylvania.

At each site, RGS worked closely with the Sheetz team to understand and adhere to the company’s brand standards and protocols. Our team’s thoughtful design of outdoor spaces enhanced brand identity and reinforced a consistent customer experience at each location.

Solving Design Challenges with Creative Site Planning Strategies
The Sheetz partnership also allowed the RGS team to work efficiently to maximize the utilization of the available land, optimize traffic flow, and address other design challenges unseen by customers.

With Sheetz stores located on heavily trafficked roadways, careful planning was essential to avoid safety conflicts between pedestrians and motorists. At the Lancaster Airport location, RGS went beyond typical municipal and PennDOT coordination to obtain approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration.

At other Sheetz locations, RGS exercised a high level of coordination with the project team to determine the placement of underground storage tanks (UST’s) as well as developing thoughtful design of outdoor dining spaces for customers to enjoy. As a result of the team’s collaboration, each site showcases the Sheetz brand and creates a smooth customer experience.

Industry Expertise Leads to Multiple Successful Sheetz Development Projects
Extreme topography and limited site areas required our skilled engineering and landscape architecture teams to produce fully functional and aesthetically satisfying site designs. Sheetz targets sites on two to three-acre plots in both greenfield and redevelopment settings. Tight spaces, existing infrastructure, and development regulations are just a few issues that were addressed. After years of working with the client and over a dozen locations under our belt, our team knows how to approach and overcome these issues, ultimately fulfilling both client financial objectives and the needs of the community.