Meadow View Memory Care


Opportunities for People to Live Resiliently

This innovative new 40-bed community, located on approximately 8 acres, includes two independent living apartments that connect to memory support suites so that couples can remain together, even if only one of them needs memory support care. Meadow View offers opportunities for people with dementia to live resiliently, regain their dignity and find purpose.

Every space we enter triggers an emotional response, whether we realize it or not. Effective therapeutic landscape designers must understand the influences that create our human reactions to spaces, then design those spaces to evoke the emotional reaction they want. For RGS, evoking an emotional response to a landscape begins by tapping into our human senses. The feel and texture of leaves and the softness of a flower’s petals each create unique reactions. The smell of a flower in a garden, the movement of grasses, the sound of flowing water, the colors of plants and walkways; every aspect of the space is considered and strung together like the melody of a song.

Providing Secure Freedom

Meadow View is a 9,000-square-foot peaceful, picturesque, gated garden with ornamental grasses and trees, deciduous and evergreen shrubs, and perennial plants. The garden includes four must-have features: a sense of control and access to privacy; social support spaces; physical movement (places to walk with interconnected spaces); and natural distractions.

Two shaded porches from the Amber and Pearl households open onto the courtyard. Concrete walkways tinted to reduce glare are in a figure-eight design to provide a secure freedom. A small sand beach, artificial grass lawn, splash pad, small pavilion, wind sculptures and comfortable seating all add to a resort-type setting.

With scenic views of Lancaster County farmland and mountains, residents at Meadow View have multiple opportunities to interact with nature, from birdwatching to seeing bees and butterflies as they pollinate the plants and flowers.

Therapeutic gardens also go beyond emotional wellbeing. RGS designs each retirement community garden to invite residents outside into the fresh air with a mix of sun and shade spaces, places to sit and talk with friends and family, and walking paths for exercise and social engagement.

With an Open and Unrestrictive Floorplan, Residents are Secure and Safe.

As designers and partners with GSV clinicians, it is our responsibility to get the design and implementation of these spaces right. It is known that therapeutic landscapes reduce stress, improve clinical outcomes, and help restore a sense of order in residents’ lives. Meadow View features the latest innovations to aid with memory support and with an open and unrestrictive floorplan, residents are secure and safe.

Meadow View Memory Care

“The biophilic design, which connects residents to nature, is especially important for people living with dementia.”

Steve Lindsey CEO at Garden Spot Communities
Meadow View Memory Care Meadow View Memory Care