Hershey West End

Hershey West End Dauphin County, Derry Township, PA

Large-Scale Mixed-Use Land Development
Hershey West End is a mixed-use, planned community guided by traditional town planning and the principles of smart growth land use. The community proposed a site with a complex mix of commercial, retail, and restaurant facilities as well as a hotel and conference center, medical office buildings, recreational uses, institutional uses, single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, assisted living residences, age-restricted apartments, and a variety of open spaces.

Phase one of the project included the adaptive reuse of the property’s Englewood Barn. RGS led phase one which transformed the existing barn into a 240-seat live entertainment venue with a restaurant and brewery.

Successful Master Planning Connects All Stakeholders
The site master plan our team developed outlined the vision for the long-term project slated to take decades to complete. It included design solutions, environmental mandates, stormwater management strategies, and the optimal integration of open spaces.

Before site planning, Hershey Trust hosted stakeholder meetings with Derry Township officials and residents led by the design team. RGS worked closely with the project team to design the master plan to provide long-range planning for infrastructure and transportation solutions, the integration of smart growth principles, and stormwater management planning with enough flexibility to leave room for future planning and development.

Integrated Sidewalks and Trails Connect Communities
The Hershey West End master plan includes an integrated network of on-street sidewalks and off-street pedestrian and non-motorized trail connections. These systems will connect to an already extensive pedestrian trail and sidewalk network throughout the existing community.  The proposed sidewalk and trail network will provide substantial opportunities to interconnect with existing neighborhoods and provide new, healthy alternatives to driving within the proposed Hershey West End project and the surrounding community.