Living Word Community Church

Living Word Community Church York Township, York County, PA

Strengthening Community Connections by Expanding Living Word Community Church
Living Word Community Church wanted to welcome new members into its congregation. Their existing building presented several challenges that kept them from this goal. The biggest challenge was capacity. The building was small, limiting their ability to effectively share the good news of Christ and welcome new members. The primary objective was to expand the footprint of the church.

A second objective was to add a sight line from Cape Horn Road to the Living Word Community Church to strengthen the church’s visual presence in the community.

Ultimately, the church sought to expand its current building, amenities, and parking facilities to better serve the needs of a growing congregation and strengthen its relational and community connections.

A Multi-Phase Land Development Plan
RGS prepared an initial grading plan which was approved to allow for the bulk earthwork activity to occur to achieve the sight line for improving visibility of the church. Our team also prepared a Lot Consolidation Plan to join the church’s two existing lots.

The design occurred in two phases: a Preliminary Plan for improvements associated with the church’s master plan; a Phase 1 Final Plan for the building addition that created meeting and activity rooms and the expansion of the existing parking facility. A future Phase 2 Final Land Development Plan encompassed the more significant building addition including a 2,500-seat auditorium/ worship space to replace the current 1,400 seats and a parking lot expansion near Cape Horn Road.

A Smart Stormwater Solution Designed to Support Future Expansions
The utility design and approach to the stormwater design solution were phased to achieve the church’s initial objectives while accommodating future long-term goals. RGS’ stormwater design, which included the utilization of a large, existing stormwater basin, addressed very detailed and complex municipal stormwater requirements and resulted in a smooth approval process with minimal changes to the original site plan.

Thanks to their innovative design solutions, the RGS team designed an expansive building for Living Word Community Church to welcome its members and the surrounding community.