Lititz Reserve

Lititz Reserve Warwick Township, Lancaster County, PA

RGS aided Lititz Reserve in navigating the land development entitlement process and developing conceptual designs for its residential neighborhood. Throughout its 10 phases of construction, Lititz Reserve experienced steady sales. Thanks to the help of its partners, including RGS, the group hit its key completion dates ahead of schedule. Today, the community consists of 224 townhomes and 9 open space parcels.

Innovative Bio-Swale Design Allows for More Developable Land
A large drainage way that bisects the Lititz Reserve property was identified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) as a Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA). In collaboration with LandStudies, the drainage way became an integral part of the stormwater management strategy through an innovative bio-swale design. RGS designed a bio-swale for Lititz Reserve that cleans the water flowing through the site and provides stormwater rate and volume control. This design solution allowed for more developable land when compared to conventional stormwater management facilities.

Sewer Interceptor Relocation
An existing sewer interceptor main was located on the project site. Because of its aging infrastructure, the RGS team worked with the Township Sewer Authority to relocate the interceptor. This allowed for additional units and placed the sewer outside of the drainage way of the bio-swale.

Creative Solutions for Elevation Change
Another challenge the RGS team faced at Lititz Reserve was a 40-ft elevation change across the site. The team worked to come up with a creative solution to minimize the number of retaining walls necessary across the property. To do so, RGS helped to identify ways to incorporate the elevation changes into the design elements. They utilized elevated land to build homes with exposed basements homes and stepped unit residences. Both solutions allowed Lititz Reserve to maximize the use of available land.

Landscape Engineering and Design Strategies Turned a Property into a Community
When entering the Lititz Reserve community, residents and guests cross a bridge over the bio-swale; a stormwater management strategy that has become an admired feature of the property. Because of the proximity of the bio-swale to 6th street, the public street providing access to the community, the bio-swale also acts as a natural buffer creating a “park-like” feel when entering the community.

Extending beyond Lititz Reserve is the adjacent Luther Acres Retirement Community with pathways connecting the two properties. The pathways attract walkers and bikers, creating greater connections between the residents of both communities. At the center of it all is a central gathering pavilion and an open space which has become the focal point of the Lititz Reserve community.

By overcoming the engineering and design challenges posed by the Lititz Reserve property, RGS helped the development create a sense of place and community for its residents.