Ellis Preserve Town Center Development Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA

A Vibrant Mixed-Use Community
Our firm was instrumental in shaping the Ellis Preserve Town Center Development in Newtown Square, PA, through the preparation of comprehensive concept plans. This visionary project aimed to create a thriving mixed-use community that harmoniously blends retail, dining, housing, executive offices, and community open spaces.

Preserving Historic Charm
At the heart of the Ellis Preserve Town Center Development lies the Charles E. Ellis College for Girls, a historic site that our team took great care to preserve and integrate into the overall design. Our concept plans ensure that all proposed uses complement and highlight the historic components of the college, creating a unique sense of place that honors the rich heritage of the area.

By thoughtfully incorporating the existing structures into the new development, we created a seamless blend of old and new, allowing residents and visitors to appreciate the charm and character of the past while enjoying the amenities and conveniences of a modern town center.

A Collaborative Design Process
Our firm was an integral part of the design team throughout the development process, contributing our expertise in various aspects of the project. We worked closely with stakeholders to develop land use alternatives that optimize the site’s potential while respecting its historic significance.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the project, our team was involved in the preparation of zoning ordinance amendments, fiscal impact studies, and settlement negotiations. We also played a key role in securing Planned Residential Development (PRD) approvals, navigating the complex regulatory landscape to bring the Ellis Preserve Town Center Development to fruition.

Creating a Vibrant Community Hub
The Ellis Preserve Town Center Development is a vibrant hub of activity in Newtown Square, offering a diverse range of amenities and experiences for residents and visitors alike. The carefully curated mix of retail, restaurants, housing, and executive offices create a dynamic and engaging environment that fosters social interaction and economic vitality.

The inclusion of community open spaces in our concept plans provided for welcoming gathering places for events, relaxation, and recreation. These green spaces not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the development but also promote a sense of community and connection among residents.

Our firm’s comprehensive approach to the Ellis Preserve Town Center Development, from concept planning to regulatory approvals and construction documentation brought this transformative project to life. By combining our expertise in urban design, historic preservation, and community planning, we created a vision for a vibrant mixed-use destination that will serve as a model for sustainable development in the region.