RGS Associates Website Update

With a Newly Unified Brand, RGS Associates Expands Its Website

RGS Associates Website Update

As we bid farewell to the long-standing digital home of Glackin Thomas Panzak (GTP), we’re excited to announce a significant expansion of the RGS Associates website portfolio. This transition marks not just the end of an era but the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our journey of growth and innovation.

The GTP Legacy Lives On

For over three decades, GTP has been a showcase of excellence in land planning and landscape architecture.

As we recently announced, GTP has unified its brand with RGS Associates, closing a successful merger that began in 2021.

While GTP’s former website has officially been retired, the legacy, expertise, and commitment to quality that GTP has built over the years continue to thrive within RGS Associates.

Showcasing Our Combined Strengths

The updated RGS Associates website reflects this seamless integration with the addition of several subtle yet significant enhancements. Visitors will notice an expanded client list that now incorporates GTP’s impressive roster of clients, an updated awards section showcasing the combined accolades of both firms, and other site-wide refinements highlighting our unified strengths and expanded capabilities.

The unification of GTP and RGS Associates has not only broadened our geographic reach and enhanced our capabilities, but it has also significantly expanded our project portfolios. We’re thrilled to announce that more than 30 new projects have been added to the RGS Associates portfolio pages, showcasing the diverse range of work our unified team has accomplished.

New Categories, New Possibilities

To better reflect the breadth and depth of our expanded capabilities, new projects can be found in our Healthcare, Housing, Mixed-Use, Open Space & Recreation, Places of Worship, and Redevelopment & Adaptive Reuse project portfolios. Additionally, we’ve introduced three new portfolio categories reflecting three new aspects of our work:


Our institutional designs create spaces that inspire and support the goals of their visitors. These projects demonstrate our expertise in developing dynamic environments for educational, municipal, and nonprofit settings. We focus on fostering collaboration, learning, and productivity and pay careful attention to both functionality and aesthetics. The result? Welcoming and engaging spaces that are not only practical but also inspiring and conducive to success.

Private Residence

Villanova Residence

From serene garden retreats to elegant outdoor entertaining areas and sophisticated driveway approaches, our private residence designs are as unique as our clients. We excel at integrating elements such as plantings, hardscapes, water features, and outdoor structures to create relaxing environments that provide year-round enjoyment. Our team’s ability to balance these elements with existing architecture and natural landscapes results in cohesive, inviting features that significantly enhance a home’s overall value.

Site Amenity

Our site amenity projects are designed to enrich user experiences while seamlessly integrating with the broader landscape. These enhancements add character to landscapes, inviting interaction and enjoyment. Our design and planning teams navigate complex regulations and leverage innovative designs to create amenities that attract visitors, foster community engagement, and add enduring value to properties.

A Unified Vision for the Future

As we move forward under the RGS Associates banner, our commitment to excellence remains unchanged. The phasing out of the GTP website is not an ending but a transition to a more comprehensive and dynamic platform representing our unified strengths.

Bernard Panzak, principal of RGS and one of the founders of GTP, reflects on this transition: “While GlackinPlan.com holds a special place in our history, its sunsetting represents an exciting step forward for our unified team. The expanded portfolio on the RGS Associates website showcases the incredible synergy we’ve achieved. Our new project categories – Institutional, Private Residence, and Site Amenity – allow us to better highlight the diverse expertise we bring to every project. This transition isn’t about leaving our past behind; it’s about building on our combined strengths to create even more innovative and impactful designs for our clients.”

Looking Ahead

As we embrace this new era, we invite our clients, partners, and friends to explore our expanded portfolio on the RGS Associates website. You’ll find the same commitment to quality and innovation you’ve always known, now enhanced by our combined strengths and expanded capabilities.

Although the retirement of the GTP website marks the end of one chapter, it also heralds the beginning of an exciting new one. With our unified team, updated website, and unwavering commitment to excellence, RGS Associates is poised to shape the future of land planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering in even more impactful ways.

We’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.