GTP and RGS Associates

A New Chapter Begins: GTP and RGS Associates Unify Under One Brand

GTP and RGS Associates

For more than three decades, Glackin Thomas Panzak (GTP) has been synonymous with innovative land planning and landscape architecture in southeastern Pennsylvania. Now, after a successful two-year merger, GTP is formally unifying its brand with RGS Associates, marking the final step in a journey that began in 2021. This unification brings together two powerhouses in land planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering, creating a stronger, more versatile organization poised to serve clients across a broader region.

Expanding Horizons: New Markets and Enhanced Capabilities

RGS Joel Snyder

The unification of GTP and RGS Associates under a single banner brings exciting opportunities for growth and expansion. Joel Snyder, Managing Principal of RGS Associates, said the move is significant.

“This brand merger is a pivotal moment for RGS Associates,” Joel said. “By bringing GTP’s land planning and landscape architecture resources under our umbrella, we’re creating new opportunities for the Paoli and Philadelphia markets. This unification expands our reach into new territories, making our comprehensive suite of services available to a broader client base across southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.”

The Culmination of a Successful Merger

RGS Chris Garrity, Glackin Thomas PanzakThe brand unification announced today completes a carefully planned and executed merger that has been ongoing for the past two years. During this time, the teams from GTP and RGS Associates have been working side by side, combining their expertise and resources to deliver exceptional client results.

Chris Garrity, principal of RGS and former principal of GTP, said the transition couldn’t have gone smoother.

“The past two years have been a period of seamless integration between our teams,” Chris said. “Today’s brand unification announcement is really just formalizing what we’ve already accomplished together. I’m thrilled to see the official unveiling of our unified brand, which represents the combined strengths of both organizations.”

A Legacy Honored, A Future Embraced

RGS Lisa Thomas, Glackin Thomas PanzakFor Lisa Thomas, RLA, AICP, one of the founders of GTP and a principal of RGS, the brand unification represents both an end and a new beginning. She said the future is bright for her clients and her team.

“We’ve built a strong reputation and lasting relationships under the GTP name,” Lisa said. “However, I’m incredibly excited about the future we’re creating with RGS Associates. This unification allows us to honor our legacy while embracing new opportunities and challenges. It’s the start of an exciting new chapter in our company’s story.”

An Easy Transition for Client Continuity

RGS, GTP, Glackin Thomas PanzakWhile the brand may be changing, clients can rest assured that the quality of service and the relationships GTP has built over the years will remain intact. Bernard Panzak, principal of RGS and one of the founders of GTP, said from a client perspective, the personalized service they’ve experienced over the years will only get better.

“For our long-standing GTP clients, this brand unification means access to an even broader range of expertise and resources,” Bern said. “The same dedicated professionals our clients have worked with over the years will continue to serve them, but they are now backed by the additional capabilities of the RGS team. It’s truly the best of both worlds – familiar faces and expanded services.”

What This Means for You

If you’ve been working with either GTP or RGS Associates over the past few years, you’re already benefiting from the combined strengths of our unified team. The brand unification announced today simply formalizes what has been happening behind the scenes.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Same People, Expanded Team: Your primary contacts will remain the same, but they’ll now have access to an even larger pool of experts and resources.
  2. Broader Service Offerings: With the combined expertise of GTP and RGS, we can now offer a more comprehensive range of services in land planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering.
  3. Extended Geographic Reach: From Harrisburg to Philadelphia, our unified team can handle projects across a wider region, providing consistent, high-quality service regardless of location.
  4. Innovative Solutions: By bringing together the creative minds from both organizations, we’re poised to deliver even more innovative and effective solutions for your projects.

A Foundation for Future Growth

As we move forward under the unified RGS Associates brand, we will continue to focus on delivering exceptional value to our clients. This brand unification is not just about a name change; it’s about creating a stronger foundation for future growth and innovation in the fields of land planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering.

We’re excited to embark on this new chapter and invite all our clients, partners, and friends to join us in celebrating this milestone. Together, we’ll continue to shape the landscapes and communities of southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond, creating spaces that inspire, function, and endure.