GTP is Becoming RGS Associates This Summer

Glackin Thomas Panzak is Becoming RGS Associates This Summer

GTP is Becoming RGS Associates This Summer

This summer marks a significant milestone for central and Southeastern Pennsylvania’s land planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering community. Glackin Thomas Panzak (GTP), a firm known for its dedication to creative land planning, landscape architecture, and design-oriented solutions is formally becoming part of RGS Associates.

This unification of our brands symbolizes more than a merger—it represents a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Design Harmony Two Years in the Making

After two years of strategic planning, every member of our newly united organization is excited to finally share this news publicly. The fusion of GTP into RGS Associates promises to deliver an unparalleled level of service characterized by a broader reach, enhanced efficiency, and innovative solutions.

GTP Leaders

GTP principals Chris Garrity, Lisa Thomas, and Bern Panzak said they’re excited about the confluence of skills, expertise, and talent.

“RGS is a cultural fit for us,” Lisa said. “The combined talent will take us all to the next level of client service.”

Chris agreed, saying, “This is an exciting combination of strengths which will not only benefit our clients but our staff as well,” he said.

Bern noted that “not even a global pandemic could derail” the merger discussions between the two firms.

“Simply put, this unification just felt right,” he said.  “As a firm, RGS embodies many of the same values that allowed GTP to enjoy a successful 30-year run.  This action allows the legacy, built by our leadership and staff, to advance into the future with renewed energy and commitment.”

Enhanced Services for the Paoli Market

RGS Joel Snyder
RGS Managing Principal Joel Snyder

While GTP’s clients won’t see a change in their primary points of contact (you’ll still have the same GTP team members working on and managing your projects), clients can expect to see a more comprehensive suite of services. Additionally, your existing GTP team will have more resources available to them, including access to dozens of other landscape architects and civil engineers.

Whether it’s a straightforward open-space design or a comprehensive land plan, the unification of GTP and RGS Associates ensures we can tackle projects of any scale with the same site-specific and holistic approach you’ve come to expect from the GTP team.

RGS Associates Managing Partner Joel Snyder said the merger is an ideal fit for both companies.

“We are excited about the growth that this represents for our organizations, and for the expanded expertise that this brings to RGS,” he said.

A Broader Reach for Everyone

Both GTP and RGS will benefit from a much broader reach. From Harrisburg to Philadelphia, the new RGS Associates will be able to handle multiple projects from the same clients regardless of where they are located in central and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Developers, builders, institutions, and others looking to expand into new markets will enjoy the seamless partnership of our newly merged company as we work together to ensure we’re tackling your projects and site designs with the detailed care and attention they deserve.

What’s the timeline?

Over the next few months, you’ll begin to notice changes to the GTP email signature, new business cards for our team members, and a transition of the GTP website to RGS Associates. As part of this process, our goal will be to ensure GTP’s legacy lives on as a permanent part of the RGS story.

Looking Ahead to The Future of Design and Engineering

As our companies move forward as a unified brand, the focus of RGS Associates will continue to be on leveraging our combined strengths to advance the fields of land planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering. This merger is not just about expanding services or expanding reach but about setting a new benchmark for what is possible in providing creative, sustainable, site-specific spaces tailored to our clients’ needs.

An Invitation to Experience the Future

We invite our clients, partners, and the broader community to join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of design and engineering, creating spaces that inspire, function, and endure. The future of site design is here, and it is brighter than ever with the unification of GTP and RGS Associates.

This strategic unification is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision. As we look to the future, the alliance of GTP and RGS Associates will offer clients in our area a powerful team that’s ready transform our built and natural environments for the better.