Tröegs Brewing Company Expansion

Tröegs Brewing Company Derry Township, Dauphin County, PA

A Parking Lot Expansion and Stormwater Management System at Tröegs Brewing Company
Tröegs Brewing Company, one of the largest craft breweries in the country, was challenged by limited space, growing demand for parking, and a tightly constrained site. Tröegs partnered with RGS to guide the brewing company through a parking lot expansion design, which included the addition of 127 parking spaces, site circulation improvements, and the installation of a new underground stormwater management system.

The existing site included a surface detention basin that occupied a large area of developable land. RGS worked with teaming partners, Derry Township staff, and the Dauphin County Conservation District to secure stormwater management plan approvals and the NPDES permits necessary for the parking lot expansion.

Creative Stormwater Management Design Solutions
To achieve purposeful integration of the site and stormwater planning and expand the existing parking area, RGS proposed a design solution to reconfigure the surface pond into a subsurface detention facility. As part of Derry Township’s regional watershed plan, the design needed to meet a peak discharge rate reduction of 30% for the majority of the analyzed storm events. The stormwater concept also included a detailed water quality analysis to remove total suspended solids, nitrogen, and phosphorous to meet NPDES stormwater discharge compliance.

A Unique Challenge Resulted in a Great Enhancement to the Operation of the Facility
Beyond the computational challenges, the water quality and stormwater management facility design included some unique considerations. Multiple water quality BMPs were utilized to meet the rigorous removal efficiencies dictated by the permitting guidelines. A combination of vegetated swales, water quality pre-treatment structures, underground storage, and a hydrodynamic separator was incorporated into the stormwater design.

In the end, the client’s desire to add parking capacity to their site in a location previously occupied by a surface stormwater basin proved to be a unique challenge but a great enhancement to the operation of their facility.


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