Nissin Foods

Nissin Foods Warehouse and Distribution East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, PA

Nissin Foods, a manufacturer of instant noodles, needed a new 220,000 sq ft. warehouse to meet its current demand. The 13-acre site at Limespring afforded the space and allowed RGS to be efficient with its site design. There is over 25 feet of elevation change across the site, creating a steep slope, which caused a challenge with the building size. RGS was able to the meet the client building size on the steep slope and worked closely with the client and their tenant to understand the program needs of the site such as truck movements and utility demands. A significant retaining wall and site grading was completed to accommodate the flat 220,000 SF building (5+ acres) on a 12.8-acre site. Maximum usage of land within 1% of allowable use. Maximized land to allow for building, parking, traffic circulation and stormwater.