Terrazza at Newtown Square Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA

A Tuscan-Inspired Luxury Condominium Community
Terrazza at Newtown Square is a 105-unit luxury condominium community that showcases our firm’s expertise in crafting exceptional living environments. Named Community of the Year by the Main Line Builders Association, this project exemplifies the power of thoughtful landscape architecture in creating a truly remarkable residential experience.

Transporting Residents to the Heart of Tuscany
Our team drew inspiration from the picturesque charm of Tuscany, Italy, to create a captivating atmosphere at Terrazza. The buildings are arranged in a Tuscan-themed layout, connected by inviting pedestrian courtyards. The result is a community that combines Old World elegance and modern luxury.

A Centerpiece Courtyard for Community Gatherings
The heart of Terrazza at Newtown Square is the main courtyard, which serves as the focal point for community life. Our landscape architects carefully designed this space to include the community center, lush landscape gardens, and refreshing fountains. The courtyard also features inviting outdoor gathering spaces, perfect for residents to socialize, relax, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Crafting a Cohesive and Enchanting Living Experience
Our firm’s landscape architects were instrumental in bringing the vision of Terrazza at Newtown Square to life. By carefully selecting plant materials, hardscaping elements, and water features, we created a cohesive and enchanting environment that complements the Tuscan-inspired architecture. The attention to detail and commitment to creating a truly transformative living experience are evident in every aspect of the landscape design.

Terrazza at Newtown Square stands as a testament to our firm’s ability to translate a client-driven idea into a vibrant, award-winning community. Through our expertise in landscape architecture, we have created a luxurious and captivating living environment that residents are proud to call home.