Newport Square is a neo-traditional development on 114 acres, including the following residential and commercial uses:  148 single family homes, 31 townhouses (fee simple), 75 townhouses (rental), 220 garden apartments, community center, 29,800 square feet of commercial space.

This project site is located in both Lititz Borough and Warwick Township, requiring detailed coordination between the two municipalities.  A conditional use application, including several amendments to the Township Zoning Ordinance, was processed through Warwick Township to allow the proposed mix of uses.  The project also included the facilitation of a joint recreation agreement between Warwick Township, Lititz Borough and the Warwick School District for the development of ball fields on ten-acres of land adjacent to the site.  Several other unique elements were implemented including BMP storm water design, the design of a riparian buffer, the extension of a local trail system through the site, and the incorporation of traffic calming practices.