Since 1771, the Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist has had a significant presence in the City of York, PA. The form of its structures and the use of its churchyard have obviously changed during the past 244 years, and additional changes are presently under construction. These changes include the connection of two existing structures with approximately 1,606 sq. ft. of new building additions, shifting of the main church campus and building entrances, establishing stronger visual and physical connections between these key entrances and N. Beaver Street, and the construction of an off-street loading area, fencing, signage, site lighting, sub-surface infiltration areas, rain garden/curb extension, a columbarium, a storage shed, and ADA-compliant walkways to connect these various amenities. An existing Memorial Garden will also be enhanced with new walkways, furnishings, and plantings to provide a lower-maintenance, seasonal succession of landscape interest.

Prior to initiating its planning efforts, St. John established several required outcomes for its proposed campus renovation project. These included the addition of a welcoming gathering space, expansion of its present Memorial Garden, an enhanced and logical arrival sequence to the new main building entrance, and improved accessibility to its various campus destinations. Enabling St. John to complete its third century of service to the local community, RGS successfully garnered a zoning variance, secured all necessary land development approvals, and prepared construction drawings for proposed site improvements.