The Legacy Garden at Garden Spot Village was designed on a three-acre open space located at the heart of the community. The design included a water feature surrounded with boulders and brought alive with a sculptural fountain.  The perimeter of the courtyard is shaded by a wood pergola with benches and game tables. The path to the east of the Courtyard leads to the Butterfly Garden, where vegetation attracts butterflies throughout the summer months.  To the west of the Courtyard is the Oak Garden, which was designed with an old garden feel.  The Water Garden is located to the south of the Courtyard and can be seen and heard throughout the Legacy Garden.  The waterfall runs over the Courtyard’s boulder wall into a pool that feeds the stream leading to a small pond. The Inspiration Garden is located along Weaver Boulevard and has been designed to be an uplifting symbol for the community.  The Legacy Garden at Garden Spot Village created an open space where residents and visitors can enjoy art incorporated into these unique garden settings.