The awards winning redesign of the cloister and rectory courtyards at St. James Episcopal Church complement a new building addition within an historic 18th-century site context.  The completed site enhancements improved public accessibility while supporting the church’s mission for “radical hospitality, innovative tradition, and historic beauty”. Special features include the re-use of historic fencing and paving materials, creative use of plantings to define distinct, but interconnected, outdoor spaces, innovative site lighting from within tree canopies to avoid the clutter of pole-mounted lighting, inclusion of a customized water feature inspired by the church’s historic baptismal fount, creation of a sub-surface stormwater infiltration area to capture roof run-off beneath the cloister courtyard, and incorporation of a bio-retention area within the rectory courtyard; this latter improvement garnered the following comment from Father David Peck: “the bio-retention area with flowers in bloom has to be seen to be believed”.