Stone Gables Estate: Ironstone Ranch and The Star Barn Village

Stone Gables Estate exists to host events that bring families and friends together on an elegant 212 acre farmstead. The beautiful property is home to both Ironstone Ranch and The Star Barn Village. Both sites feature meticulously restored historic buildings including the nationally renowned Star Barn, a covered bridge and functioning railroad and engine house. Net profits support Brittany’s Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding abandoned children around the world.

Developing a Master Plan with Historic Precision

The Star Barn Village site is a precise configuration of the original Star Barn farmstead at its new location in Elizabethtown, PA.  The newly constructed farmstead is now home to the restored Star Barn plus replicas of the many outbuildings on site. To create the site master plan, we reviewed historical photography and met extensively with the clients, David and Tierny Abel of DAS Companies, Inc., and architects at Warehaus/LSC.

Securing Complex Approvals Brings Clients’ Vision to Life

Once completed, we received final approval from West Donegal Township to begin development. For approval from the National Historic Register and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the entire site needed to be oriented to the original layout. Final approval came from the National Park Service which indicated that The Star Barn Village would retain its registration on the National Register of Historic Places, even after its relocation to Elizabethtown.

We navigated these complexities through positive relationships forged with local municipalities and conservation districts, resulting in positive outcomes and the approvals of the necessary plans and

CLIENT / David & Tierney Abel

LOCATION / West Donegal Township, Pa

Services/ site analysis & master planning/zoning text amendment/rezoning petition/special exception applications/sketch planning/land development and planning/post construction stormwater management & design/ e&S control design/npdes and general permitting/ sewer planning services/ flood study services