The City of Lancaster requested that RGS prepare two illustrations depicting its vision to expand Conestoga Pines Park. Our illustrative plan-view and ‘bird’s-eye’ perspective sketches were then used in the City’s quest for park improvement funding. These drawings depicted adaptive re-use of an historic water treatment plant as a future events venue, a relocated and locally-significant pedestrian bridge, an improved fishing area, and a new boat launch. Pedestrian and cyclist routes were incorporated to link each of the park facilities located along the scenic Conestoga River.

To prepare these illustrations, RGS utilized available topographic information to create a digital three-dimensional site model, and then presented this model from a variety of visual vantage points so that our clients could select their preferred sketch view. Using their selected vantage point, RGS then prepared its hand-drawn sketches to effectively illustrate all proposed Conestoga Pines Park enhancements.