Surrounded by South Middleton Township’s water supply well and existing residential development, Earthnet engaged RGS Associates to lead land development design. We designed the landscaping to compliment the solar powered, resort lifestyle.

The buildings needed to be oriented in a North-South for maximization of the solar collectors.  So green space and pocket park areas were incorporated into the natural features of the site. Hardscaped recreational areas like the pool, cabana and cookout areas were oriented along stormwater best management practices (BMP)’s to allow for pleasant scenic vistas.

Construction of the site also posed unique challenges, where the stormwater had to be maintained and filtered during construction. The site drains to the LeTort Spring Run, which is one of the few pristine streams in central Pennsylvania. The permitting required for the project was a non-attainment, non-CG-1 Individual permit, which was reviewed by the Township of South Middleton, the Cumberland County Conservation District as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Eliminating infiltration requires an advanced level of design and construction to achieve sustainability. To that end, RGS recommended lining all of the stormwater best management practices (BMP’s) and stormwater facilities with impermeable material or a land fill liner.

CLIENT/ Earthnet Energy, Inc

LOCATION /South Middleton township

SERVICES / Site master planning, land development design & permitting, stormwater management design, floodplain studies, erosion and sedimentation control design, npdes permitting, sewer and water facility design, open space design