Sheetz is a regional convenience store and gas station with locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia. Our work with Sheetz spans more than a dozen projects within Pennsylvania, each of which vary in complexity and challenges.

 For all sites, we worked closely with the Sheetz team to understand and adhere to their brand standards and protocols. This partnership allowed us to work efficiently, focused on maximum utilization of the available land and optimal traffic flow. Many of the Sheetz stores are located on heavily trafficked roadways, therefore careful planning is essential to avoid unsafe conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles. At the Lancaster Airport location, RGS obtained approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration prior to the beginning and completion of construction. At other locations, we exercise a high level of coordination with the project team for the placement of underground storage tanks (UST’s) and the thoughtful design of outdoor dining spaces for customers to enjoy.

Through our collaboration with engineering and landscape design, each site showcases the Sheetz’s brand and creates a smooth customer experience.

Extreme topography and site sizes require skilled engineering to ultimately produce a fully functioning and aesthetic site. For Sheetz, site sizes vary from 2 to 3 acres and include new land and repurposed development. Tight spaces, existing buildings and development regulations are just a few issues to be addressed. With 25+ years of experience, we learned how to approach and overcome these issues, ultimately fulfilling both the financial and community objectives.

CLIENT/ Sheetz inc

LOCATION /multiple locations across central Pennsylvania

SERVICES / land development planning and permitting, site planning, concept planning, npdes permitting