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Harrisburg Office

  • 320 Market Street Suite 550W
  • Harrisburg, PA 17101
  • Phone:717 599 7615
  • Fax:717 232 0959
Directions to Office Directions to Parking
    All visitors parking in the walnut street garage will need to follow the directions below to get to the entrance of our Harrisburg office:
  • Take parking ticket with you when you leave your car
  • Take elevator to Level ‘A’
  • Exit elevator, walk straight ahead and up half flight of stairs (note – pay stations are on your right – pay when you leave)
  • At top of stairs, make a left and follow the hallway into Strawberry Square
  • As you enter Strawberry Square, head left toward escalators to go down to the First Floor
  • At bottom of escalator, walk diagonally to right (toward Members 1st and Auntie Anne’s)
  • Follow hallway towards Harrisburg U
  • Harrisburg U and RKL will be on your left, enter the elevator lobby area on the right (signs say Civil Service and Harristown HR)
  • Take elevator to 5th floor
  • Exit elevator (Sellers Dorsey is straight ahead), follow hallway around to the right and up half flight of stairs. RGS is at end of hallway on the left