Land Planning
Landscape Architecture
Civil Engineering

Firm Profile

In most communities, a sense of place does not just happen – it is planned to a tee. RGS plans and designs spaces that range from residential neighborhoods to commercial/industrial centers, senior living communities, and urban centers. We are an award-winning land development consulting firm servicing clients throughout South Central Pennsylvania.

We Integrate Art, Science and Technology

RGS effectively combines the professions of landscape architecture and civil engineering from the early stages of project development to implement more creative designs, more cost effective solutions and better overall outcomes.

Our Clients are Priority #1

Responsiveness, collaboration and pro-active communication defines the relationships we build with our clients and epitomizes our way of doing business.

We Are Strong Client Advocates

RGS has the knowledge, credibility and expertise to effectively represent and advocate for our clients to agencies and organizations, gaining regulatory approval and positive results.

We Know Our Industry

RGS understands our client’s markets, customers, challenges and opportunities, enabling us to create better places and stronger development solutions.

We Go The Extra Mile

At RGS we are our own toughest critic, always striving to set higher standards, go beyond expectations and achieve more than our clients expect.